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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Holiday

The seatbelt light flashed warningly. Miranda sqeezed my hand hard
"I hate this part!" she exclaimed
The airplane trembled then slowly dipped down.
"The aircraft will be landing in half a hour approx" said the voice distantly
Miranda had her eyes fiercely closed in fear.
"Go to sleep" i said to her
She relaxed and slid back into the leather seating
"Ok" she mumbled her hand still in mine.
i sighed as Dad came back and slipped easily back into his seat.
"Hello" he whispered to me  "Is she ok?"
"With me here, yes! Where did you go?"
"To the loo and i also got this" he said throwing a small can onto the tray, "i thought it would calm her, its going to waste now"
"You took long enough"
"Well there was a queue"
"hmmmmm" i warned him then closed my eyes for a quick snoozer

"We're here!!!" called Miranda excitedly, the light back in her eyes "Look how the sun shines, i'm so boiling hot in here!" Miranda was somewhat like a child at sometimes.
"Lily, Lily wake up" she said giving me a shake
"Ok" i said opening my eyes wider
"Hurry up" Dad said, "We want to get out" he looked a bit sick and was snappy, that can obviously didn't go to waste.

The taxi churned into the hotel. It was very pretty. It was a big, pale, brick building with ivy growing up the wall sprouting little flowers. We opened the wooden door and we were in a busy lobby with lots of Italians shouting.
"Oh, oh, oh!" cheered Miranda, skipping across the shiny wooden floor "Its so beautiful, isn't it David?"
"Very" he agreed a bit out of it
The man at the desk checked us in then called a name
"Lucien, Lucien!" a boy appeared, as old as me and grabbed our bags bravely and lifted them up as if they were light as a feather.
"Wow!" i said uncertainly, he wouldn't speak English
"Hello" he said his voice perfect with a slight twang of Italian "Your rooms 73, it has a perfect view of the city"
"Brilliant" Miranda said "thank you, by the way!"
"It is alright" he said then turned to me "Do you want me to carry your hand bag" he indicated my shoulder satchel.
"No, no thank you. I can hold it"
"Ok then" he hurried up the stairs and i charged after him
"Can't keep up, ay?"
"I can" i boasted happily
"Really?" he quickend and fled up the stairs the bags still over his shoulder
i took a deep breath and followed his footsteps swiftly and soon my nose was just touching his back. He stopped and i crashed into him and landed with a thump on the floor
"Are you alright?" he asked " Sorry this is your floor"
i giggled a little; my face red, "I'm alright, i hope i didn't bruise your back!"
"No" he laughed at me and hauled me up cheerfully
Miranda and Dad soon caught up, looking very suspicious
"Hey you two" Miranda said smirking then saw the room "Is this it! oh i'm so excited! Aren't you Dave?"
"I'm extactic dear" he said rather flatly
Lucien showed how to open the door with the key, and Miranda hurried inside, Dad followed yawning and i hovered by Lucien, i could hear a series of Oh's and Ah's from inside the room.
"My name's Lily" i said to Lucien and took the bags from him
"Ok Lily, thank you"
"Your welcome"
"Do you want me to show you around the room"
"Sure" i said "Miranda will be buzzing"
I followed him and he showed Miranda and Dad how to work the shower and where everything is kept. Miranda looked eyes glowed like jewels while Dad looked tired with yellow bags pulling at his eyelids.
"That's everything" Lucien said "Come to the desk if you need anything, have a good time"
He left the room, i heard him storming down the hall and down the stairs
"Talk about child labour!" said Miranda after he had left
"It was awful, wasn't it!" agreed Dad "People are like that here though, aren't they?"
I glared at them both crossly.
"You seemed to take a shining to him Lily, didn't you?" Miranda said smirking again "You so liked him!"
"What, no!" i said and started unpacking, while Miranda chanted in my ear like a school child. Some times i forget she's my stepmum. She's like a younger sister most of the time. But that's better than having a really mean stepmum i suppose. Eventually she left me alone and started planning shopping trips and walks and biking and stuff like that.
I lay down on the bed and shut my eyes, curling up on the duvet.
"Hey, wake up!" said Miranda excitedly "Let's go out for a meal, i heard there's a very local resturant just around the corner"
"Hey no, we'll order room service. I'm tired too" said Dad lying on the double, big bed.
"Aww please, fine, tomorrow we'll start our holiday!"
"Oh no" whispered Dad in my ear, i giggled then curled up again in my bed. Peacefully.