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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Can i borrow a pen, Miss Wikes?" Rob smirked
Miss Wikes sighed "You should be more organized Robert, but i will make this one exception" She burrowed deep into her desk drore. "I'll have to go to the cabinet. I'll be back in 2 minutes, be good"
"Yes Miss Wikes" the class murmered, Robs smile spread sickly across his face.
As soon as the door was shut i knew i was in for it. The desk shook wildly and my pen tore across my essay; shearing my work.
"Mary!.... Mary!
I didn't turn round. I didn't take my eyes off my work incase of me crying. A hand pushed hard on my shoulder, spilling all my books off the table. My eyes whelmed with tears even more.
"Look she's crying!" Rob laughed joyful when a tear drop fell down my cheeks.
"Baby" he hissed fiercely in my ear "Your just a big baby, aren't you?"
"Ye-yeah" i whispered
"Baby don't have a tongue? Poor useless, useless baby, your a useless baby aren't you!"
"Speak up!" he shoved his hand harder on my shoulder, almost slamming on my desk. At that moment we heard a clicking noise, of Miss Wikes heels clacking on the polished school floor.
"Baby" Rob growled at me and quickly made it back to his own desk.
Miss Wikes opened the door and frowned at me.
"Mary, why are your books on the floor! Thats no way to treat school property. And whats this?"
She clacked over to my desk and stared at my torn work. "You can very well stay in at break time Mary. I'm very disapointed with you"
Ending for the very short story called....... Ermmmm the end... ??

my mother came in, cried a little, then went out. I couldn't remember her sweet face now, her voice a muffled blur in my ear. I could remember what she did though. She comforted me. She helped me. She came to my aide. She loved me with all her heart. She did her best for me.

Thats all i could remember though. My father was a dear stanger, and my brother was a distant memory. My gran visited aswell, but to me she was just nothing. She had been cleared from my memory. I liked it when my mum talked to me, she gripped my hand gently, so i could just feel a light sensation. She murmered softly in my ear, about when i was younger, what we used to do as a family. I fell deeply into these memories, but they seemed like a different persons. When my mum was here, i felt warm and happy, like being free. I could jump up from my bed any second and wrench my arms around her neck. When my mum left, i panicked, and felt trapped and scared.

I was constantly tired, even though i was practically asleep all the time. My mind stayed on, though, all the time. Worrying, and thinking, trying to think, trying to remember.
It didn't work too well at all. I felt depressed, and angry at myself. I wanted it to be over, i wanted to leave. Be somewhere else. Be someone else. I stayed still....

I began to feel my heart hammering. My blood pumping in my head. I started twitching, and i got excited. What was happening? I could move my head now. I couldn't open my eyes, but my head was jerking, hurting my neck. A nurse ran over to my bedside and soon enough doctors where there too. Maybe they were amazed?. I wanted to see there face when i got up and walked around.
"200 bolts" a mist of words said, i lay there confused.
Then a blast of energy filled my body, it was painful and my heart jumped in my chest.
another painfull jolt.
the voice had gone after that. I felt myself fadding. Falling deep into a deep rest. I didn't feel pain anymore. I was falling through the sky. The wind whistling round me, i opened my eyes, and i saw a light. A beautiful bright light. I stared into it, blinking. I felt arms come around me, holding me. I smiled.
"Thank you" i whispered.
I closed my eyes, then opened them again. There was people around me. There was great aunt Barbara, who died when i was 3. And Uncle Bill, and Grandad, and other people too, who i didn't recognize. I left the arms that held me, and drifted into my lost relatives, i was walking! I hugged them, and they laughed. They whispered gently to me.
"Welcome to the other side"

Monday, 19 March 2012

WHAT DOES CONFLICTING EDITS MEAN!! i am very confused... i miss talking to you guys so much

Saturday, 17 March 2012

More people came in and out, in and out. My Dad cried and sqeezed my hand a little too hard, i couldn't pull away though and had to feel his sweaty grasp. My brother whispered in my ear, 'your going to wake up, just open your eyes and wake up!' His voice buzzed so much, i could hardly hear him. Even with all these people here, the forever checking nurses and doctors, i still felt painfully lonely and distressed. I lay there doing nothing, but i wasn't bored. I was worried. Worried when my family came in and cried, worried when the staff came in and felt my pulse with their firm, uncaring grasp. Sometimes i forgot where i was and tried to sit up. Then i remembered and felt horribly empty. I don't know how i was being fed, but i imagined this weird, white tube going into my belly button, feeding me potatos and squished up things. My mouth and throat were really dry, and my mouth felt glued together and i couldn't open it. I felt like my body had ditched me. But over all i felt regret. I tried to remember what happened, and saw these visions of a big truck. What would be happening if i hadn't been on that bike. I would of been at home happy. I couldn't exactly remember home though. I had these weird turns where i couldn't remember anything. And somethings stayed forgotten, i couldn't even remember my 2 friends, their voices were silent and their faces were blurred when i tried to remember them. It was a odd feeling and even though i tried and tried i still couldn't remember. I felt lost, my brain going out of controll, wondering helplessly in a world too big.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I heard deep voices. They startled me, i tried to move but i couldn't. I couldn't even open my eyes. I felt a hand grabbing mine, it felt like a strange sensation, like pins and needles. I could hear a blurry sobbing, and little sniffs.
"Rose?" a voice spluttered... Mum!
Mum i wanted to scream, Mum, Mum! But i couldn't, i felt stiff like i was trapped in a cast. I couldn't move at all. I heard a creaky noise, and a soft shuffle, my mum started crying; why was my mum crying?
"What's wrong with her?" she choaked
"She's in a coma, Mrs Sprits... when the truck hit her she broke a lot of bones, she may have traces of brain damage"
"Is she going to wake up?"
The other voice sighed, a sorry, unhappy sigh "We don't know, its too early to tell. Theres a chance but... but its unlikely"
I wanted to jerk up and scream. I was alright, i wanted to reach out and comfort my mum. But i stayed in my bed, motionless.
"She damaged her spine" the voice continued "The brain has troubles getting signals back from body parts..... we're not sure if she can walk again"
No! what was he talking about, that can't be me. This is a dream. A big dark scary dream! My mum carried on crying breathlessly.

Monday, 12 March 2012

i felt like writing a new story so here it is, im not sure wat it is yet...... ) *thinks*

The sun was out, shining blissfully while we lay underneath it happily,  Cherry on 1 side and Russel on the other. We had been friends as long as we could remember, and often spent dreamy afternoons here in Red park, talking and reading and having picnics. We sometimes spent nights here aswell, with our tent; we spent many hours telling ghost stories and cooking marshmallows over the fire. Today was especially hot and we lay on the stiff grass, almost sleeping.
"What would it be like to be a bird?" Cherry asked, out of the blue, just like the sky.
"Hmmmm, i don't know" i mumbled
"Like reincarnation.... i want to be a bird"
Russel laughed at her "If you want to be a bird, fly!!"
"I wish i could" Cherry sighed,  she was silly sometimes but we had all grown used to it.
We sat silently for a minute, watching the birds whizz past the sky. Cherry reached up, arms stretched as if she could catch them.
"My nana used to have a pet budgie, called barney" i said to her,
"What happened to it?" she asked
"It died, of old age, so that isn't too bad"
"Poor Barney" Russel said
"i hate death" whispered Cherry
"Well no-one especially likes it, do they" Russel said,
"We're all going to die one day" she shuddered "Thats so scary"
"Well, we can't help it, you've got to live life to the full... i guess"
"But all the time, don't you have that little nip at the back of your mind, telling you over and over, and it turns the sunniest day to the coldest storms, do you ever have that?"
We stayed silent for another minute thinking, turning it over in our mind like a pancake, Russel's was done earlier than mine.
"You can't live your life thinking that Cherry! You have to live life as if you aren't going to die, or better still like your going to die tomorrow, and you need to have as much fun as you can! that would be a good excuse for not doing your homework"
I rolled my eyes at him "Your the only that doesn't do it Russel"
"What do you think Rose?" she asked me
i shrugged " Russel kind of summed it up, how could a day has nice as this be a snow storm. Stop anaylising everything Cherry, just go with the flow"
"I can't go with the flow, if i'm going to die!"
"Some say death is quite peaceful"
"I doubt it... i would be scared"
"My granny says shes waiting to die, she says shes sick of earth" Russel said
"I would hate to be sick of life, sick of the sun, sick of the grass, how can you be sick of life?"
"I don't know" i muttered and rolled onto the grass, and closed my eyes, i wasn't tired any more, that conversation had made me feel buzzed up, like when your just about to go down on a roller coaster, i was scared almost.
I quickly got up feeling sick and light headed, the park span around me in a green blur.
"I need to go" i said
"Why?" said Russel
"Eh, my mum says i've got to be back... now"
"We'll walk you" said Cherry.
"No, no don't bother" i rushed off into the sun. I ran across the park, past the slides, and swings, and noisy children, the trees screamed at me and the grass swalloed me up. i stepped onto the pavement and heard voices screaming behind me, i got on my bike and pushed off, my pedals moved quicker and quicker as i gathered speed. I heard a final shout, and i turned the corner, into a shiny metal truck.