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Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Can i borrow a pen, Miss Wikes?" Rob smirked
Miss Wikes sighed "You should be more organized Robert, but i will make this one exception" She burrowed deep into her desk drore. "I'll have to go to the cabinet. I'll be back in 2 minutes, be good"
"Yes Miss Wikes" the class murmered, Robs smile spread sickly across his face.
As soon as the door was shut i knew i was in for it. The desk shook wildly and my pen tore across my essay; shearing my work.
"Mary!.... Mary!
I didn't turn round. I didn't take my eyes off my work incase of me crying. A hand pushed hard on my shoulder, spilling all my books off the table. My eyes whelmed with tears even more.
"Look she's crying!" Rob laughed joyful when a tear drop fell down my cheeks.
"Baby" he hissed fiercely in my ear "Your just a big baby, aren't you?"
"Ye-yeah" i whispered
"Baby don't have a tongue? Poor useless, useless baby, your a useless baby aren't you!"
"Speak up!" he shoved his hand harder on my shoulder, almost slamming on my desk. At that moment we heard a clicking noise, of Miss Wikes heels clacking on the polished school floor.
"Baby" Rob growled at me and quickly made it back to his own desk.
Miss Wikes opened the door and frowned at me.
"Mary, why are your books on the floor! Thats no way to treat school property. And whats this?"
She clacked over to my desk and stared at my torn work. "You can very well stay in at break time Mary. I'm very disapointed with you"

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