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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I heard deep voices. They startled me, i tried to move but i couldn't. I couldn't even open my eyes. I felt a hand grabbing mine, it felt like a strange sensation, like pins and needles. I could hear a blurry sobbing, and little sniffs.
"Rose?" a voice spluttered... Mum!
Mum i wanted to scream, Mum, Mum! But i couldn't, i felt stiff like i was trapped in a cast. I couldn't move at all. I heard a creaky noise, and a soft shuffle, my mum started crying; why was my mum crying?
"What's wrong with her?" she choaked
"She's in a coma, Mrs Sprits... when the truck hit her she broke a lot of bones, she may have traces of brain damage"
"Is she going to wake up?"
The other voice sighed, a sorry, unhappy sigh "We don't know, its too early to tell. Theres a chance but... but its unlikely"
I wanted to jerk up and scream. I was alright, i wanted to reach out and comfort my mum. But i stayed in my bed, motionless.
"She damaged her spine" the voice continued "The brain has troubles getting signals back from body parts..... we're not sure if she can walk again"
No! what was he talking about, that can't be me. This is a dream. A big dark scary dream! My mum carried on crying breathlessly.

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